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July 27, 2009
Meeting Locals…
seaPassionate for home collections, towels, soaps, linens but more for Kaş…dd A shop once you will remember the first baths of your childhood, a strong smell of soap and relief of hot water dancing  through your body…A softness that once all towels used to have , a touch of colours that a candy shop might resemble to…         antikaci zekiZeki moved in Kaş permenantly for two years now…Yet discovered the Lycian heritage some twenty years ago at Aperlai Bay by Kekova…Owns a respected antique profession at Istanbul. He opened his new shop at Kaş Uzun Çarşı…His two year old daugther is the new generation coming forth for Kaş….antikacı 2To contact him; zeki@zakaryart.com           zeytin burcakBurçak is originally from Kaş…He has been brought up with Kaş sea running through his youth and local cuisine filling his dreams…He opened Zeytin last year, a restaurant where you can wait for the best grilled sea fish and agree that it worths for the time it takes to cook…A homy atmosphere, a perfect cook & friend and best; carefully selected menu…zeytin kapakFor Reservations; +90 533 381 9191
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