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September 24, 2009
Worlds first Democratic Council was in Patara Kaş
‘PATARA, Turkey- Alexander the Great was here, and so was Saint Paul, on his way to Ephesus. meclis-tiyatro1 Centuries later, the drafters of the American Constitution took the ancient Lycian League, which was based here, as an early example – in fact, it was history’s earliest example – of the form of republican government they envisaged as well.’  New York Times, Bernstein
Patara,  home of Democracy will be hosting World Parliament Speakers Conference in August 10, 2010.
‘After 23 centuries, the parliament building that hosted the Lycian League — the world’s oldest known federation — is set for restoration that will make it fit to host democratic leaders once again.’ (Todays Zaman, 2009)
Kaş is not only a beutifull village to enjoy nature, beaches, sports, outdoor or cultural tours. It is the starting point of democratic human history… No suprise that Freya Stark says
“There are not so many places left where magic reigns without interruption and of all those I know the coast of Lycia was the most magical.”
More info at ;  http://www.pataraexcavations.com/
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