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août 30, 2010
Latest Excavaion news

On September 2009 we wrote about Patara, Worlds first Democratic Parliamnet and World Democratic Leaders Meeting.

Patara Excavations:

The project is to renovate the worlds first democratic parliament building in Patara and gathering todays’ democratic countries leaders once again to celebrate the re-opening of this parliament.

Meeting was set to be on October 29th 2010, the day of Republic of Turkey’s decleration.

Neverthless, excavations has extended and still continuing and the re-opening is now due 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, 2011.

You may follow the latest finding of excavations here, which announces the re-apperaing of 900 years old Byzantine Church at Myra ( Demre). The church is the sole original example of Byzantine religious architecture without renovation.

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