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février 01, 2009
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el1Real estate industry has to adapt to 2.0 web as tourism did. Once we will see the best practices for tourism we can simply evaluate the goods and bads (if any). X generation, not only babyboomers but also the original online community that is at their mid 60’s now, are expecting the best use of internet for correct and valuable information that we seek. In Attention economy, once the attention is tracked, the core is how to provide the expected value to this time and effor. Well, the most common sense tells that, value of an information can vary for different factors. Perception, that reflects the culture and level of education is one factor. Your perception for this « home » can depend on billions of images you generated in life. An investment, as a return of years of work must give the best value in return.Some travel agency links above can be a start to have a look in Kas.
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