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Şubat 01, 2009
A double raki and a cheese plate please
March, soon April is coming. Best time to watch the blossoms of peach,lemon and early plum trees.If you are lucky you may catch the hedgehogs changing skin or the dears new baby. Make sure you stop by the local and ask her when it was born, most probably a minute ago… My mother was always wondering why Saint Nicolas was pictured with dears while he used to live in Demre, well they are at the mountains of Kas. He must have get them from here. If you stop to eat at Mercan by the harbour, send my best wishes to his son, very passionate cusiniere. And please,if you see a little bej pekinua running after a big belgium sheppard or vice versa,they are Lili and Zorba.Please do not ride by car, there are kids and pets running around to celebrate the new spring blossoms in Kas… Bon voyage.street view
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