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Ocak 03, 2010
Attention Economy gets it’s touch…
Globalization so came glocalization and we ended up with a phrase  ‘Attention Economy’ that actually, meant to be extremly selective in our daily choises. Mass amounts of services and increased variety, developed our hunger and kept us unfullfilled in our daily lives. Even the number of online shopping sites  is a sample of how many options available out there. Opportunity costs are so high that we stopped buying at all. In order to put this stuation into social frame, we became more and more selective that resulted as not selecting. There came a survivour the ‘Attention Economy’…Yet, how this phonemenon is really helping?

Coming across to directed adds in our hotmail accounts, or surpisingly popping up windows should not be the end result of such technical revolution of human kind. Attention Economy, will be studied in depth around the globe, starting from primary classes soon. This day, the economy will be framed differently. Going back to the roots  ‘grain inventory’ is no longer tengible nor accountable.

It is our likes, dislikes, dreams and actual situations. Economy, is no longer growing in a farm and the farmer is no longer counting days to rain. No distraction is inevitable in such global offer and thus our attention remains the only season to corp.
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