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Temmuz 27, 2009
Kaş; An open air art gallery…
dsaa A sleeping beauty welcomes you once you enter to one of Kaş’s art galleries…Calm yet ready to wake up and curl by your side…History is never old in this little village. It lives by your side and you live by it. At the very early in 19th century, my mother’s grandfather opened the first shop; a groccery. All locals at the bay, by the village on the mountains ( Çukurbağ) and islanders at Costellerizo met with joy of purchasing instead of exchanging…Some could argue that it was the end of this authentic villages beauty…Industrilization to this hidden heaven came in soaps, pasta and salt with price tags… Price tags  still with a touch of life, art and joy…A village by the mediterranian Lycia that kept its promise to life; to stay as much as possible close to heritage…
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