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Şubat 29, 2012
What is Waiting for You in Kaş?
What is Waiting for You in Kaş?

First, a sudden ‘Am I dreaming? ‘ feeling once you curve through the hill and see it the first time.

As you enter the village, you will see frames of life that you weren’t expecting at all from such a small Turkish seaside bay…

A cat lying with a dog under the lemon tree and people of all ages but special ones acting ‘As if its ordinary’ But it is not. 

Your amazement can lead to a rapid hearth beat once you smell the sea. Most probably couple of sparrows will fly by your side and calm you down. You know, you are welcomed by Kas now.

Where you can live as you wish, love as much as you can, and feel Mother Nature’s warm embrace around you.

Than, it is totally up to you to make the most out of it…


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